I like you, Maude

Harold and Maude is my favorite film of all time. It is Maude's relentless chase for joy and appreciation of life on earth that first engaged me. Her exuberance for life and Harold's reluctance for life starts the film. Maude influences Harold and both presents him with and teaches him to achieve a life of jubilance and joy.


Mama's Burnt Breakfast

My siblings and I are adamant that our eggs and bacon are slightly burnt when cooked. At my local diner, I ask for food things to be cooked, "Really, really well-done, like almost burnt. Actually, burnt is OK, too." My mom once remarked, while cooking breakfast for me, "All you kids like everything burnt. Did I used to burn your food, or what?" I'm not sure that she did, but I know that I like some foods with a bitter, slight charred crunch to it. This photo is inspired by that weird desire.