About Michelle Rivera Spromberg

Michelle was a painter for many years before focusing on her profession as a photographer. The color palette she developed as a painter, followed and expanded within her photographic imagery.

As a kid, Michelle would save her dollars and give them to her mother on grocery day so that she could buy a single magazine. Once that magazine was in her hands, along with an icy soda, she would sit on a lawn chair in front of her Pomona home. The golden powdery light of California sunshine would pour over Michelle as she stared at images for hours on end. One strong image could transport her into a complex daydream, a labyrinth of ideas, possibilities and imagination.

When she began making images, she wanted to evoke either this kind of transcendence, or reconstruct a memory from her life.  Sometimes, though, it is simply the output of the visual experience, as the energy of the subject wrestles and dances with light, shadow and color.

Michelle is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Please do not request free photo sessions, as Michelle, too, must eat, be sheltered and thrive in this material world.

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